Primary school teachers do not have to ask anyone about the rules when taking leave.  Remember the rules of this holiday.




Nature has placed millions of soldiers in our anatomy who, like the reserve force, are dormant when we are healthy.  Employed.  We have to keep cheering up this army by saying 'back up .. back up ..' keeping our guts and spirits high.

When you are in a bed of mental illness, make some purposeful desire without attachment.  A patient with a double bypass and a kidney was living a life of surprise to doctors.  He believed in writing a few lakh mantras when he was healthy.  The disease was diagnosed when there were still several thousand.  But the brother says with complete confidence, "My hair will not bend until I have achieved my goal of writing a mantra."

Yes, in order to live longer they deliberately do not even manipulate the mantra few times a day or days at a time.  Prolongs one's life by determining one's morale as one is left to travel, to write a book, to read.  Some even set worldly and family goals with a strong livelihood.

Those who are interested in mountaineering, trekking, sea swimming and other challenging sports have also been found to breathe death or crisis.  Tail batsmen do not draw Test matches after facing horrible bowling for a day and a half?

The theory of 'survival of the fittest' was established by the scientist Darwin in the late 19th century.  This means that at the very core of evolution is the emphasis on 'fittest' - the maximum ability to survive.  With the passing of this capacity over the decades, the human world continues to take it to its limit.  We’ve almost come closer to winning fitness against Corona.

We have to support God, the medical world and our own bodies with a positive mindset, hope, faith and zeal in all that He does to fight and win.

God saves his refuge from every kind of evil.  It is not that there is no problem in the life of a God dependent creature.  The truth is that God-dependent living path follows the path and the path which follows the path of religion is never easy.

  It is the glory of Lord Sharanagati that even under difficult circumstances a refugee always has a faith and a positiveness in his mind and that my lord is with me then why should I worry ..?  And this belief of theirs gives them the confidence to fight even the biggest obstacles like the Pandavas.  Khelat Bal Boyal Sang, Mela Pavak Hath Tulsi Sisu Pitu Matu Jyon, Rakhat Si Raghunath ||

  Just as an innocent child starts fearlessly playing with the snake and starts putting his hands in the fire as well.  He does not know that even my little one is going to be hurt in this.  But his parents know well in whom their child is interested and in whom they are unhappy.

  In the same way, even though this creature does not know in whom he is interested and in whom the harm is still there, that God knows everything and like his parents, Mother Janaki and Lord Shri Rama protect their refuge and make him safe  They also save us from the evil.

  Prabhu may cause you trouble on the path of refuge or religion, but you can never be hurt.

Primary school teachers do not have to ask anyone about the rules when taking leave.  Remember the rules of this holiday.